Structuring your SASS files

I’ve been using SASS for a little while now and I find one of the biggest advantages of using it is to help organise my CSS into a meaningful and manageable structure.

Available CSS selectors when you drop IE.x

With the number of legacy Internet Explorer (IE) users decreasing, largely thanks to Google Chrome, “support” for older versions such as IE6, IE7 and even IE8 is dropping too meaning better support for newer CSS selectors.

Improved Twitter share button for WordPress

I recently came across a handy little code snippet by Christian Heilmann aimed at creating a scriptless, imageless no third-party Twitter share button for WordPress that did exactly what is said on the tin, but needed a very minor tweak to improve the output.

The making of: Lawless Creation

The ever-changing face of my blog. I thought this would be a time to re-purpose one of my old posts showcasing my terrible design skills and turn it into a running log of how the website has evolved – and probably will again in the future.